The Mental Illness Research Association (MIRA) is a Southeastern Michigan based non-profit organization. MIRA’s purpose is to find cures for mental illnesses and other brain disorders through funding brain research. MIRA also works to educate and erase the destructive myths surrounding the stigma of mental illness that block proper diagnosis and treatment for millions of Americans each year. Established in 1993 by Patrick Elwell, Sr. and a group of friends in a back room of Patrick’s Restaurant in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Some had family members with mental illness and others were interested professionals or simply people who realized a need and wanted to help. MIRA’s work has resulted in positive progress. We have funded over thirty research grants for scientists whose work has provided valuable insight into the physical basis of mental illnesses. We have educated thousands about mental illnesses and the stigma; and by supporting research and service communities focused on discovering tangible signs of mental illness, improved treatments, and cures.

Our Vision

Since our inception twenty years ago, MIRA has funded research for autism, depression, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, addictive disorders, geriatric depression, bi-polar depression, suicide and others. Additionally, MIRA has worked with over 1,000 schools in Michigan, several churches, other civic organizations and with corporate heads of Human Resource departments, to provide them with the most current information available on brain disorders. Working together with the corporate and private sector, MIRA is determined to be a significant funding source and advocate for brain research and education. Mental Illness Research Association is dedicated to funding research for brain diseases and disorders and erasing stigma by providing educational programs in the community and schools. What amazes the original founders of MIRA is that unseasoned volunteers came together in 1993 and succeeded in raising $100,000.

That initial success strengthened MIRA’s resolve to continue to deliver much needed funds into mental illness research and to let the world know of research achievements. As we enter our 20th year, we reaffirm our dedication to achieving the following goals: Research, MIRA will support the efforts of brain researchers through the provision of seed funding for crucial research into the physiological elements of brain disorders and in the recognition of their accomplishments. As we enter our twentieth year, we reaffirm our dedication to achieving the following goals:  Education, De-Stigmatization, and Understanding.